About us







At Plum Tree we offer a loving, caring environment to enable your child to grow and develop at a pace entirely individual to their needs.

“If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way a child can learn.”

We are registered with OFSTED and were last inspected in March 2014; we achieved good in all areas. For a copy of the report, please go to www.ofsted.gov.uk.

Plum Tree are a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance (PLA) which is a National Voluntary Organisation registered as a Charity to promote the development and education of children under school age through community groups.

We are a community based Pre-school, which means that we are run by a Voluntary Committee, allowing us to keep prices down and use any profit within the setting. We except children from 2 years of age, all children are entitled to 15 funded hours a week the Term after their third birthday, and 30 hrs funding if eligible. We also accept various childcare voucher schemes allowing you to make significant savings on your childcare costs.

We hope our web site answers many questions you may have to enable you to select the best Pre- School and extended services for your child.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to meet you and show you around our friendly setting.

Here at Plum Tree it is our role as qualified professionals to ease your child out of the home and into our sociable environment.

Whilst your child is with us it is our role to enable your child to learn and develop through their play, this includes their social and emotional skills which are essential for young children to enable them to gain a greater chance of achieving success in school and in life.

Coming to Pre School is a huge learning environment for children, they learn so much through playing with and watching others.

Positive, social-emotional growth builds the communication skills necessary for learning throughout a Child’s life. Some social emotional skills which support school readiness are:

Self Control
Capacity to communicate




Here at Plum Tree we offer taster sessions prior to your child’s start date, as through our many years of experience, we have found that an initial attachment formed by your child and their Key Person within our environment enhances a smoother transition from home to setting. The Key person will then work with them through their remaining time within the Pre School enabling them the confidence to grow within all areas of their development.

Each child has their own individual Learning Journey; this is a record showing progress of their development during their time with us. You are welcome to come in and look through this at any time, as we recognise the importance of working in partnership with parents to achieve the best outcome for you and your child.

Throughout the day water is available at all times, we also offer milk and water at snack time along with a selection of fruit and a savoury such as cheese and crackers. If your child is attending lunch club we ask for you to provide them with a nut free packed lunch, we are happy to heat up food if required.

All staff have a DBS check, and are all trained in Paediatric first aid, Safeguarding and food hygiene.

All staff hold qualifications ranging from level 3 through to level 6,

Regular training is undertaken, including the following with many more planned in the future.

 Vulnerable children       Autism Awareness  Characteristics of learning

 Exciting writing   Outdoor play   Epilepsy Training

 Senco     Transition   Revised EYFS    Twos count here

 Observing and assessing  Letters and sounds  Makaton

 Manual Handling   Twos are special  Positive approach to behaviour

 ECAT     Let’s Play   My learning journey

Each day at Plum Tree is different but hopefully very fun! We paint, play outside, do messy play, sing and read stories. We also have a secure garden area with many fun and stimulating things to do.

Each term we like to have a theme and the children will do crafts with us based on the theme,  children’s work is displayed around the setting or put in their trays to be taken home. Parents are  invited in to take part in various activities with their child at various times throughout the year.  Throughout the year we celebrate all festivals, which include Chinese New Year,  Diwali and Easter to name a few. We also hold a sports day which is a fun event for all! At the end of school Term we hold a leavers party for those children who will be starting Reception in September, as you can imagine this is an emotional day for all.